Slaughterhouse is a new paintball field, located in Thessaloniki. My main duty was to design the website!


DESIGN is a rapidly growing company in the packaging market. As the main personal web/graphic designer and animator, I am responsible for improving and designing the company’s e-shop.



DESIGN is a Bulgarian packaging company, in which I am currently working as external web designer. I got selected amongst other designers in Greece, after a strict recruitment process that lasted a month.




PS. In these websites, i've designed the mobile view too.


Here you can see some of my creations for web use and specifically for slideshows. On the left side are the original pictures and on the right side the final result after the edit in photoshop and illustrator.


The newsletters bellow are only a simple sample of different types of newsletters. 




The catalogue above was exclusively set up by me. I was also responsible for designing its front cover. This catalogue will represent the company in the international exhibition “Cosmetics” which will take place in Paris on 31st of January till 1st of February 2018.


he catalogue “Wedding & Christening” was fully created and set up under my own supervision. It represented the company’s ( e-shop in two exhibitions during 2016-1017. Both exhibitions took place in Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki).



This catalogue was designed by me for a coffee bar. This specific catalogue was funded by Carlsberg.

The above triptych flyer was created for Food Expo Athens 2018, for the company


The coffee bar “10” in collaboration with Carlsberg assigned to me the design of a new logotype for the company, but also the design of a mutual logotype for their partnership. The latter was also added to the shirts of the coffee bar staff.

Christos Econimidis is a freelance talented young photographer with whom I worked with, as his logo designer.

The Lions is an English rugby team. I took the second place in their logo design contest.

Here you are looking at two triangles! These triangles represent the bases of the paintball players. Here you are also looking at an optical illusion! The letter “S” that emerges between these two triangles, is the company’s initial letter!



Just a small sample of pictures that I edited using photoshop. On the left side of each picture is the initial photo, while on the right side you can see the final result before it got uploaded on the website of



Social media are a crucial part for every company nowadays. For that reason, I always adjust the products and the services of my clients, so that they can benefit as much as possible in the social media. Here you can find a few videos and pictures that were used in various campaigns.

video editing

Choosing a video for this category was extremely difficult for me, as I have created more than 130 videos for small and big companies. Here you can find a video that I created for the War Museum of Thessaloniki during my military service, a video for a foreign languages and IT skills private school and finally a teaser video for an ad spot for field-team paintball that will be used for their promotion in social media.

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